Matias Del Carmine Graphic design and illustrator portfolio



I’m delcarmat! (delcarmine+Matias).

I’m a vector artist. All my creations are done just using the mouse with vectors. Here you can see a live recording of how my art are made.

I focus on two main topics for my art:

Mythology: I’m in love with greek and shinto mythologies. I also like how mythology tales hide archetypes that encode all the human conscious. I like to draw about this strange gods and heroes that personifies our emotions and thoughts.

Science fiction: Specially hard science fiction. In love with Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. I’m an optimist about the role of technology in our future, and I like tales about exploring space and new life forms.


The NFT Alienigirls project is a set of pieces inspired by space investigation. Each one depicts one girl from one different space body (planets, comets, interstellar phenomena).


Alienigirls available at the moment:

#1 MERCURY A small planet razed by its closeness to the sun. OPENSEA LINK

#2 VENUS Venus atmosphere is dense and accumulates heat like a green house. Hot and toxic. OPENSEA LINK

#3 EARTH We all know this one. The earth’s alienigirl is an ancient reptilian living among us. OPENSEA LINK

#4 MOON Quiet and silent with a magnificent view of the earth. This is introvert’s land. OPENSEA LINK

#5 HALLEY A shattering comet flying through the solar system. Sparkles everywhere. OPENSEA LINK

#6 MARS My favorite planet and home of all our dreams and hopes. OPENSEA LINK

#7 JUPITER This titanic gas giant have no land to step. Stormy and cloudy. A planet trying to be a star. OPENSEA LINK

#8 EUROPE This satellite is frozen on the outside, but it hides large amounts of water beneath. Some think that it could hide life forms close to the hot spots in the deep. OPENSEA LINK

#9 SATURN The planet with the ring. Glamour. OPENSEA LINK

#10 TITAN A satellite that acts like a planet. It has a dense atmosphere and seas of fuel. OPENSEA LINK

#11 IAPETUS This satellite reminds me the ying and yang symbol. OPENSEA LINK

#12 URANUS The first ice gas giant. Beautiful and colorful auroras and lights. OPENSEA LINK

#13 NEPTUNE The second ice gas giant. The strongest winds in our system. OPENSEA LINK

#14 TRITON This strange satellite spits giant geysers to the space. OPENSEA LINK

#15 PLUTO The dwarf planet. Dark, cold and lonely. OPENSEA LINK

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you can find my opensea shop here.

If you like mythology, I assure you will find pieces you will like.


If you are into HIVE, you can find my hive gallery on NFT showroom here: